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Fishing with the Debian Angling Association

Howdy all,

This week, the Debian Angling Association makes its presence known
through a representative member.

    The Debian Packages link on the home page lets you search for the
    fishing gear we have on offer. On the right of the package's page
    the Developer Information link should bring you up-to-date on
    whether a particular rod or line is in stock.

    Whatever you do, please read our brochures; we stand by their
    accuracy and will accept and respond to complaints if you are
    dissatisfied with our service.


 \        “Your [government] representative owes you, not his industry |
  `\   only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, |
_o__)        if he sacrifices it to your opinion.” —Edmund Burke, 1774 |
Ben Finney

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