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Re: help needed: LSM acronym

Le 5 janvier 2018 21:42:31 GMT+01:00, Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> a écrit :
>I'd like to ask for help with devising an acronym, as my ability with
>or other wordplay in any language is almost non-existant.
>Background: I'm working on a kernel facility to set a policy for

While that will prevent as redirections  nightmare as non-printables ones, I suggest something like a variation on :


a) secure cat tty 
b) scat tty (like in jazz, yet pronunceable even meanless)
c) shells can/could always type totally 
d) ? ...

>for security reasons.  The recommended defaults are banning '\n' and
>the user can also elect to ban invalid Unicode, initial and final
>initial '-', etc.  The initial hard-coded patch was NACKed, and I was
>to re-do this as a LSM.
>A LSM needs a name, and the tradition is to use bad acronyms, of which
>Another Meaningless Acronym" takes the cake.
>The best I've been able to come up with was: kitteh "Kill Invalid Tree
>Terms, Evading Harm".  This is groan-worthy, and especially "tree" is
>incorrect as files/dirs/sockets/fifos/etc are at most tree nodes.
>Thus, could someone suggest something betterer?  It doesn't need to
>"kitteh", nor even anything cat themed, although obviously references
>nasty things like dogs, Hitler or emacs (in decreasing order of
>are unpreferred.
>Lamby suggested using a name that would be rejected by this module, but
>alas, I don't think a .c file by that name would get past the vfs

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