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help needed: LSM acronym

I'd like to ask for help with devising an acronym, as my ability with puns
or other wordplay in any language is almost non-existant.

Background: I'm working on a kernel facility to set a policy for filenames,
for security reasons.  The recommended defaults are banning '\n' and 01..31,
the user can also elect to ban invalid Unicode, initial and final spaces,
initial '-', etc.  The initial hard-coded patch was NACKed, and I was told
to re-do this as a LSM.

A LSM needs a name, and the tradition is to use bad acronyms, of which "Yet
Another Meaningless Acronym" takes the cake.

The best I've been able to come up with was: kitteh "Kill Invalid Tree
Terms, Evading Harm".  This is groan-worthy, and especially "tree" is
incorrect as files/dirs/sockets/fifos/etc are at most tree nodes.

Thus, could someone suggest something betterer?  It doesn't need to spell
"kitteh", nor even anything cat themed, although obviously references to
nasty things like dogs, Hitler or emacs (in decreasing order of badness)
are unpreferred.

Lamby suggested using a name that would be rejected by this module, but
alas, I don't think a .c file by that name would get past the vfs

// If you believe in so-called "intellectual property", please immediately
// cease using counterfeit alphabets.  Instead, contact the nearest temple
// of Amon, whose priests will provide you with scribal services for all
// your writing needs, for Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory prices.

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