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Re: Suggesting new bug report severity levels and tags

On Sat, 03 Jun 2017, Axel Beckert wrote:
> for quite a while now I noticed that for some bug reports it's
> difficult to find the right severity.

You had me thinking I was reading a bug report to bugs.debian.org for a

> So I suggest to introduce a new bug report severity "annoying" which
> is placed somewhere around "normal", but is one of the
> "release-critical" severities.

Or maybe this should be a separate annoyance axis for bugs, where we
could have annoyance levels like "meh" "splinter" "paper cut" "paper cut
with lemon". The bike shedding on these levels could keep us occupied
for months!

> Additionally I suggest a new tag for bug reports named "popcorn": It's
> similar to the "security" tag, where all bugs tagged as "security"
> automatically take the security team into Cc. All bugs tagged with
> "popcorn" are automatically carbon-copied to the debian-curiosa
> mailing list.

The UTF-8 single-letter tag can be 🍿. We just need better font support
for it.

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