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Suggesting new bug report severity levels and tags


for quite a while now I noticed that for some bug reports it's
difficult to find the right severity. On the one hand, these bugs are
usually so annoying that it "makes the package in question unusable or
mostly so" because the user is crying out loud in pain when
encountering the issue over and over again. But on the other hand it's
usually just "a problem which doesn't affect the package's usefulness,
and is presumably trivial to fix".

So I suggest to introduce a new bug report severity "annoying" which
is placed somewhere around "normal", but is one of the
"release-critical" severities.

Any bug with that severity and at least three "me too" or "+1"
postings is allowed to be fixed with a zero-day NMU.

Additionally I suggest a new tag for bug reports named "popcorn": It's
similar to the "security" tag, where all bugs tagged as "security"
automatically take the security team into Cc. All bugs tagged with
"popcorn" are automatically carbon-copied to the debian-curiosa
mailing list.

		SCNR, Axel
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