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Re: braillegraph_0.1-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

On Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 12:14:52PM -0600, Robin Tarsiger wrote:
> On 2017-03-08, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > # Everyone who recognizes the superiority of the species Felis catus over
> > # mere Homo sapiens
> [...]
> > # Those who have yet to mend the error of their ways
> [...]
> > On the other hand, it is clear that all humans belong to at least one of
> > these sets, at least at present and in foreseable future.
> I cannot speak for "all humans", but as a robin, I hereby claim my right
> to not be in either of these sets. After all, cats and humans are _both_
> obviously inferior to glorious birds! Cheep!

The license grant is to "Everyone who recognizes ..." and to "Those who have
yet to mend the error of their ways".  It doesn't say a word about a
relationship between robins and humans, robins and cats, nor any other pair
of species other than specifically named "Felis catus" vs "Homo sapiens".

Neither are robins, sentient AIs, the Elder Gods or any other possible
recipient excluded from the license grant -- it talks merely about their
opinion about cats vs humans, which might be either:
* cats>humans
* wrong

Also, while your delusion about superiority of _robins_ is irrelevant to
freeness of the license, I'd like to present a rebuttal.

First, one example cat, one who's currently occupying my bed, has confirmed
kills (as in, delivered home) of at least tits, sparrows, pigeons and two
bigass jackdaws[1].  Robins don't live inside a town but I don't see how
they differ from the above list enough to avoid being turned into a meal.

Second, Enrico mentioned dinosaurs.  While the above cat deals with
dinosaurs I listed just fine, let's consider what an ordinary person would
understand by this word: the big extinct type.  Let's assume they're
revived, "Jurassic Park" style.  And here comes the real secret of cat
superiority: they delegate.  Why would they fight a dangerous opponent
themselves when they suborned an inferior species (humans) who are extremely
good at hunting big prey (and wannabe predators)?  That T-Rex would serve
well as contents of a can; they're presumed to taste like chicken.

[1]. How he managed to get the jackdaws over a windowsill that's
human-chest-high when he was barely able to drag them over flat ground is
beyond me -- but then, I'm a mere human, I'm not privy to cat ways.
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