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Re: Would you agree - Debian is for the tech savvy


Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Wouter Verhelst dijo [Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 06:45:49PM +0100]:
> > [M-F-T set, as this is getting increasingly off-topic]
> > 
> > On Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 10:16:55AM -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > > I mean, who needs a desktop?

You mean a bloaty, shiny desktop environment?

> > > A background?

Haven't seen mine in months. I think it's broken for a year or two now
anyways. There's only a single tile shown despite it should be
repeated. But I don't care as only see it very occassionally.

> > > Overlapping windows?

Are you crazy? Nobody wants that! That's horribly inefficient! No nicely
aligned windows either!

> > > We the *real* tech-savvy people only need a tiling window
> > > manager, such as
> > > i3:
> > 
> > Nah. Awesomewm is much better! ;-)

Unfortunately no more. I still have awesome on hold on 3.4.15-1
because 3.5.x is incompatible with the no more updated awesome-extra
package. And without awesome-extra, awesome is far less awesome... :-(

So I wonder if I should switch to i3 which is properly maintained and
seems to have all the features I need since 4.x...

> Lua for configuration is overrated. It's not for techies, it's for
> masochists. A techie knows when to let go ;-)

... and has proper config files. Awesome 2.x was indeed awesome as it
didn't have that annoying lua-drawback.

Oh, and btw.:

> (hell, should I have refrained from this last reply?)

Nope. ;-)

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