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Re: About DDs not maintaining packages

Joerg Jaspert dijo [Sun, Jul 04, 2010 at 10:44:27AM +0200]:
> >> > > Excuse my english wording, I am not native speaker (yet).
> >> > Does this mean to intend to become a native speaker? I'd be interested
> >> > in how you'd manage to do that :)
> >> It's surprising that, in 2010, there are still people who haven't heard
> >> of reincarnation.
> > Does this mean you'll have to re-take the NM (ND?) process?
> Not if you can manage to convince DAM who you have been in your prior
> life and that one happened to be a DD.
> Good thing would be to know something that only DAM and that prior
> incarnation of yours knew. Shared secret and such things, you know.

Keep in mind that given a reincarnation, you will probably skip a
couple of WAT pings until you get hold of spoken and written language
(regardless of which native language it is).

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