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Re: GPL photographies, eg for backround

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 12:22 AM, Thomas Harding
<tom@thomas-harding.name> wrote:

> [Please add me in Cc, as I'm not a subscriber to curiosa list]


Firstly, -curiosa is the wrong list for your post, see the description here:


> I'm beginning to scan a few part of my photos.


> I think some are good enough to be used as background or anything else
> anyone wants.
> Currently, published scans are 24/36mm * 900dpi, but I can done higher
> resolution (up to 2700dpi, I have only an old CoolscanIII) on demand.
> For these higher resolutions, I plan to abtain a fee, except for Debian
> Project as it will be a little contribution to.

How do the higher resolutions translate to file sizes?

> All images at all resolutions are/will be licenced as GPLv3 (inside
> jpeg comments).

I don't mean to discourage you, but I don't think the GNU GPLv3 is an
appropriate license for high-resolution photos. The reason is the
'source code' or 'preferred form for modification' requirement - most
folks won't want to have to share both the extra high and low
resolution versions and so will just violate your license. I'm not
sure what license is appropriate, but public domain is how many people
treat online images, or the Creative Commons licenses seem to get more
respect of their terms for images.

Debian requires 'source code' anyway, so in the Debian source package,
you should distribute whatever you would use to modify the photos -
the 'preferred form for modification'., see DFSG #2:


Also, some of the photos on your web page look a bit washed-out, is
that a result of the scanning, or have they been modified from the

> Please tell me how to upload high resolution images to Debian, and what
> images filenames are interresting if so.

Same way as any other package:


You'll want to archive them into tarballs, something like this:

(the source high resolution tarballs)
(the cropped and resized versions for use as desktop backgrounds)

You may want to add a Makefile to the -src package to rescale/crop the
images as appropriate and install them to the correct place on the

Then make a Debian package from that using the maint-guide instructions:


Then upload to here:


Then ask for a sponsor here:




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