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Re: ITP: debian-backports-keyring -- GnuPG archive key of the?backports.org repository

El domingo, 22 de junio de 2008 a las 12:54:09 -0600, Wesley J. Landaker escribía:

> Actually, how are debian-keyring and debian-archive-keyring free-software, 
> anyway? Do I get source code for the all GPG keys they contain? 
> The /usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/copyright even says "The keys in the 
> keyrings don't fall under any copyright." Ooooops!

 Well, the keys are not creative works, so they cannot be covered under
copyright in most jurisdictions. However, the collection of keys itself can
be covered under copyright, or something similar to it, in many of them, so
having a free licence is still relevant: you can add, remove and update keys
in the collection freely.

 Note how cunningly I avoided talking specifics about one or other
jurisdiction to avoid giving legal advice unadvertantly.

   Jacobo Tarrío     |     http://jacobo.tarrio.org/

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