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Re: hating on gmail

"Ernst Doubt" <calloquillick@gmail.com> writes:

> linux.debian.user is a moderated newsgroup in gateway
> with a mailing list.
> Your article has been examined by the automatic moderation program
> and has been refused because:
> this hierarchy accepts posts only from registered users.
> You can register for posting by subscribing to the
> linux-gate@lists.bofh.it
> mailing list. You can do so by sending a message with "subscribe" in the
> body at the linux-gate-request@lists.bofh.it address or by visiting
> http://lists.bofh.it/listinfo/linux-gate .

But it isn't gmail that makes the rules, so why hate gmail?

If you wan't to use linux.* you will have to register. This is decided
by the people running the linux.* gateway and not the google
people. So why not just sign up?


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