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hating on gmail

So I've been working off and on trying to get my wireless working on sid, and there were some helpful replies the first time I  posted to debian-user that steered me towards possible solutions.   Last night I wanted to post my progress and a request for more help, and since I'd used this gmail account to post the initial message, I thought I'd try to use groups.google.com to actually attach my response to the bottom of the thread (rather than starting a new one).  Probably I shouldn't be surprised by the result:

fromModeration Robot <robomod@news.nic.it>
dateFri, Apr 18, 2008 at 9:50 PM
subjectRe: Re: intel 3945 wireless

hide details 9:50 PM (10 hours ago)

linux.debian.user is a moderated newsgroup in gateway
with a mailing list.

Your article has been examined by the automatic moderation program
and has been refused because:

this hierarchy accepts posts only from registered users.
You can register for posting by subscribing to the linux-gate@lists.bofh.it
mailing list. You can do so by sending a message with "subscribe" in the
body at the linux-gate-request@lists.bofh.it address or by visiting
http://lists.bofh.it/listinfo/linux-gate .

For more information about the linux.* hierarchy please read the FAQ
at http://www.linux.it/~md/linux-faq

Virtually your,
The Moderation Robot.

------- Follows the first few lines of your article --------
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

I can understand (in principle) why I'm getting this message (though the fact that the debian-user list which this newsgroup is gatewayed to is completely unmoderated means it doesn't really make a lot of sense in practice).  But what really annoys me is that I now appear to have lost the content that I composed last night (which I suppose is my fault for not pasting it somewhere to save it "just in case" before sending).  There's no copy in my gmail "sent mail" folder, (presumably because I posted through the groups.google.com web interface) and the "first few lines" (that I snipped above) includes mostly the full headers and only the first couple lines (and none of the technical detail that I'd assembled).  Upon receipt of the message, I did follow the instructions (and try to subscribe to the gateway deal), but I'm thinking that the chances of my previously sent message being resurrected after I successfully subscribe are probably slim to none.   And yeah, I know that if I'd expended the effort this morning to recompile my technical information, it probably would have taken less time than composing this message, but I still wanted to rant somewhere first.   Thanks for listening :-]


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