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One for the books

World Seeks Energy Solutions, E t G u Investors Pile In

The top five reasons to Grab et G u:

1. The world is seeking shelter from the world energy crisis.
2. Corporations are being forced to find there own solutions to their
energy problems.
3. With results as high as 30% savings in energy bills, SensorStat is a
solution that many business will be turning to.
4. Hotels in Florida are already boasting the SensorStat has paid for
itself in just 12 months.
5. A planned media campaign next week will be drawing both investors and
brokers to the table.

The past week has been an absolute frenzy on e TG U. Trading has gone
through the roof and Market Makers have been buying up large blocks to
take control of the trading next week. Act fast on Monday and get in on
the action expected next week.

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