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Re: Automatic retrieval of information from qa.debian.org

Felipe Sateler, jeudi 4 octobre 2007, 14:46:52 CEST
> David Paleino wrote:
> > Seems like PHP hasn't got the Soap extension. I haven't
> > checked with phpinfo(), I've deduced it from:
> > 
> > http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/bugs.php
> <quote from there>
> Join us! Help us in making Doctors use Debian!
> </quote
> In spanish, using doctor means both a person with a PhD and
> (mistakenly) an MD. When talking in spanish, I normally tell
> people to use the word medico to refer to physicians, and to
> use doctor only for PhDs.[1] Is this the case elsewhere?
> [1] Physicians like to call themselves doctors even when they
> have no PhD, for no apparent reason other than looking smart.

  In French, “docteur” is only for physicians and veterinarians.
Pharmacists can use the title if they sustain a thesis (and their
“thesis” just bear the name).

  A PhD do not use the title before his name.
  He can write “J. Dupont, docteur ès Sciences” (or ”Lettres”)
on his visit cards, but he can’t write (nor be called) “Docteur
Dupont” or “Dr Dupont” (it’s an usage and a strong recommandation).

  University professors (who pass another examination after or in
lieu of a PhD) can use the title “Professeur” (”Professeur Dupont”).

  Hence, few people know you can be a doctor without being a
physician. And we wonder why PhD aren’t recognized by recruiters…

 Sylvain Sauvage

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