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Re: I want one of those!

Em Segunda 21 Agosto 2006 14:12, Shawn McMahon escreveu:
> On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 01:10:53AM +0200, Arnt Karlsen said:
> > ..very often the very reason very small companies, remains
> > very small companies.  ;o)
> Nonsense.  The only companies that have become huge because of their
> websites are those for whom the website *IS* the product.  Bad websites
> are annoying, but they're not what makes a company fail to grow.

Truthful or not, the website's availability && usability has reflects on the 
image that a customers have about the quality of a given product.
Specially if you're a start-up that has to outsmart concurrents like Sun, HP, 
IBM, Dell to make a profit, and your client's CEO knows $#!+ about MIPS 
processors. :)

> In fact, wasting resources to make a killer website instead of a
> killer product is a sure way to wind up with your only legacy being
> a lot of nice entries on archive.org.

Perhaps, but it is true that well made sites (especially when you sell 
something through it) DO leads to an increase of sales. 

It's a matter of balance between shape (website) && content (real product).
And "This is Bad Thing"® when an uptime of 4 days only exists in the wildest 
dreams of your site's host.
However, this doesn't means that you should host your site on an OpenBSD 
server! :)

As such, it means that a company willing to make a successful product MUST pay 
attention to the smallest of the details on both sides, specially when the 
said product uses/runs Debian! :D


Genius, I'm not able to reset a IDE virus from LinuxPPC NT, how does it work?

You should never remove the CPU, in such way you either should link the 
printer of the window, or cannot debug the SIMM in order to rename a LCD 
front-end on a port over a monitor over a prompt to the MIDI tool.

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