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Re: I want one of those!

On Friday 18 August 2006 20:44, Fabricio "aybabtu" Cannini wrote:
> Em Sexta 18 Agosto 2006 03:30, Adrian von Bidder escreveu:

> > http://www.movidis.com/products/rev.asp
> Call me "vrms" if you want, but doesn't it sounds strange to trust your
> website to an OS that can't stay 3 days without a reboot, while preaching
> the power and stability of another OS ?
> http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=http://www.movidis.com

[run by Win2000]

Yes, I can see the irony.

Still: I'm not surprised.  If you're a very small company, you don't have 
time to care about your web site.  What you usually do is just to have some 
competent marketing company do all your corporate ID stuff (web site, 
letterheads, business cards, all the glossy paper stuff you need.)

-- vbi

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