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Re: I want one of those!

Em Sexta 18 Agosto 2006 03:30, Adrian von Bidder escreveu:
> Now I'm not a buildd operator nor do I have any experience on non-x86
> arches, but a 16 core MIPS 1U server that only pulls 50W power and that
> ships with Debian preinstalled just has a very high coolness factor :-)

I was just wondering...
What about a notebook using this processor?
Boy, this would be the ultimate geek's dream!
Über-cool-geek factor of 62,416,051,645,821,647,205,650,615.89. :)

> http://www.movidis.com/products/rev.asp

Call me "vrms" if you want, but doesn't it sounds strange to trust your 
website to an OS that can't stay 3 days without a reboot, while preaching the 
power and stability of another OS ?


> http://www.informationweek.com/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=192201783&s

> (Ok, I know this is OT for d-d.  You can all go back to bashing JS now.)

I can see already:

" Today's Keynote Speaker:"
Jöerg Schilling - "Improve your trollness and popularize your project"

See you!

How may I do for pinging to the serial EIDE space bar?

You neither should rename the controller, nor have to mount the Ultra ISA 
device of a monitor on the terminale of a folder in order to log in a 

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