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spammers are worse than terrorists!!!!11 (Re: No more bugreports from me.)


On Tuesday 15 August 2006 20:01, Paul Johnson wrote:
> http://www.interhack.net/pubs/munging-harmful

OMSM - quoting from there: 

"Dealing With Terrorism 

  To understand the reasoning behind this document, it is useful to know 
something about how spamming is akin to terrorist activity. 

Why ``Terrorism'' is an Appropriate Term 

  Terrorism is the practice of using fear to accomplish an objective, probably 
one that is unpopular. In general, this is best done by breaking the rules of 
society in such a way--such as hijacking passenger airplanes and planting 
bombs in busy metropolitan areas--that people will be motivated to give into 
the demands of the terrorist. 

Spamming, as well as other practices which can be more abstractly called 
``Internet abuse'', are similar to terrorism in that during the course of 
accomplishing their objectives--often making a lot of money with 
comparatively little work, the rules of society are broken."

So breakin' the rules of society is terrorism? We've come a long way...


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