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Re: apt-listbugs orphaned

Adam Borowski wrote:
> Hey!  This is a great idea.  If you write in an inlegible (for most of
> us) script, just write every single important word in English; the
> flavor text can stay in any language of your choice.

ESC$B$?$k$$$7$5$s$,ESC(B MIA ESC$BH=Dj$5$l$?$h$&$G$9!%ESC(B
apt-listbugs ESC$B$,ESC(B orphan ESC$B$K$J$C$F$$$^$9!%ESC(B

ruby ESC$B$G$-$k$+$?!$$I$J$?$+=&$$$^$;$s$+!)ESC(B



Ummm, I think we have a i18n issue with querybts.

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