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Re: GCC 4.1 now the default GCC version for etch

This one time, at band camp, Anthony DeRobertis said:
> Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> >
> > For those keeping score at home, notice that doing the much larger
> > task of upgrading GCC's version is apparently easier than python's.
> >   
> Of course, if you read a little further in the message to -announce,
> you'll see the part about "oh, and maybe we broke 1600 packages, too."

Full ACK.

And it's also worth noting that the people interested in the transition
filed bugs with patches for all but a few of them, which involved a
massive amount of work.  I suppose it's possible people interested in
the python transition could do the same instead of complaining, but that
seems a bit much to ask, sadly.
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