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Re: DPL Debate prepared questions list [Debian Policy Sucks]

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 02:09, Joey Hess wrote:
Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
So what do you people suggest in such cases:
1) Intel 1000MT NIC sucks, throw it away ?
2) Unh! Why don't you change to Debian Unstable ?
3) Buddy! We are all volunteers. Go and roll your own kernel with the
patches ?
4) Wait! That hardware isn't officially supported by us. Build only
machines which are known to work with Debian Stable?
5) etch beta 2 was released last week with support for your hardware

So my question is:
I discovered it today. But there might have been many Debian Users who might have discovered this issue earlier. What choice are they given ?

Is the choice:
Wait till etch gets released ?

RHEL and SLES do a damn good job of Hardware Bug Fixing and Feature Enhancement for the software they ship.

Why can't we do it ? Is it just because our policy doesn't allow it ?
Can't we revise the policy ?

There was spoken at sarge's release that there would be kernel updates on him. This would be a good thing, even if older got not supported, because if you upgrade to a new securiy kernel update, why not to a new kernel?

That is what dcc is trying to do, and what i think is wourth of. (sorry my bad english)

Also, this could be happening inside volatile, but it seems not.

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