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Re: Processed: This bug is fixed in -6

El jueves, 6 de octubre de 2005 11:51, David Martínez Moreno escribió:
> 	The strange thing is that the bug was not automatically fixed...ouch! I
> had two typos in the bug, 235853 instead of 325583! This bug is cursed,
> definitely.

	Long story:

- Claus Hindsgaul sent a translation for X.Org debconf templates in Danish, 
opening the bug 325583.
- I commit the changelog and the translation.
- The bug is not closed.
- I find the bug in pending state, and go to debian/changelog in xorg-x11 in 
order to fix the typo for the sake of correctness.
- I look for "da.po" and I find the following string:

  * Update Danish debconf template translations (thanks, Claus Hindsgaul).
    (Closes: #235853)
    - debian/po/da.po

- Without too much problem I change it by 325583 and commit it.
- Several minutes after this, I review debian/changelog in order to look in 
which X.Org version was fixed, for closing the bug with a proper Version: 
- I notice with horror that the bug was fixed in -5...but xfree86 4.3.0-5!

- What is happening?
- ...??
- ...??
- ...??

And the grand final is:

	(Short story):
The same bug reporter (Claus Hindsgaul), the same type of bug (update for 
Danish translation), the same recipient (Debian X Strike Force), AND THE SAME 
DIGITS 235853/325583 (a year and a half ago).

	The bug was not fixed in xorg -6 because I forgot to put : in "closes 
325583". I supposed that I included da.po in the associated change a month 
ago in the changelog, thus I searched for it. And I found this nice thing.

	I hope it liked you the same I sweated. :-)

	Congratulations, Claus. :-)

	Best regards,

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
		-- Darth Vader (Star Wars).
Debian developer

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