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Debian mainstream in French supermakets?


I'm a  proud Debian user (well and Ubuntu ... don't hit me!).
Today was a very hot day in Strasbourg (France) so I went to the local supermarket to buy a stock of all kinds of fluids.

Since Ubuntu is baised on Debian I coudn't go without my Debian Tee-shirt (of course).

When I paid I had a strange feeling of "déjà vu" ...
At each pay-desk  you could buy a bag which looked somewhat like the swirl of Debian ...

Here is the picture of the bag near my tee-shirt:

When I looked closely at the details and "accidents" on the border of the swirls I find them precisely on both swirls (except their is an inversion inside/outside of the swirl).
I'm not sure which geometrical transformation they used but  I think they have the same source ...

Is Debian going mainstream in French supermarket?

This supermarket network (attac)  belongs to Auchan group (I believe ) and is very common in France. The manufacturer of the bag is CARSAC and is done in France.


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