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Re: [VincentR@prsd.ab.ca: witch licence]

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>>>> i want to get a witch licence?how woild i go on to get one?

>>> Try the Post Office. Next counter to Fish Licences :-)

>> Or he may be asking for a licence to *hunt* witches, not own a witch.
>> In which case, he would want to go to the Fish and Wildlife office[1].
>> Which I guess would make it the next counter to fishing licences.
>> [1] http://www3.gov.ab.ca/srd/fw/hunting/

> So the real question is which witch is Robin Vincent referring to?
> (stops before Abbott and Costello start turning in their graves (which
> graves?) NOOOOOO STOPPPIT!! (theres too many brackets here) Which
> Brackets? (witch brackets?) Which Witch brackets? (I SAID STOPPIT!)
> indeedly its time to stop.)

Two witches watch two watches. Which witch watched which watch?

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