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Re: [VincentR@prsd.ab.ca: witch licence]

>>> "Vincent, Robin" <VincentR@prsd.ab.ca>
>>> To: debian-legal@lists.debian.org

>>> i want to get a witch licence?how woild i go on to get one?

> Pigeon> Try the Post Office. Next counter to Fish Licences :-)

> Or he may be asking for a licence to *hunt* witches, not own a witch.
> In which case, he would want to go to the Fish and Wildlife office[1].
> Which I guess would make it the next counter to fishing licences.
> [1] http://www3.gov.ab.ca/srd/fw/hunting/

So the real question is which witch is Robin Vincent referring to?

(stops before Abbott and Costello start turning in their graves (which
graves?) NOOOOOO STOPPPIT!! (theres too many brackets here) Which
Brackets? (witch brackets?) Which Witch brackets? (I SAID STOPPIT!)
indeedly its time to stop.)

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