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Re: Give your partner more pleasure

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Shawn McMahon <smcmahon@eiv.com> writes:

> On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 01:54:58PM -0700, Cometman said:
>> >You'll pay twice as much in taxes, but your medicine will be "free".
>> ..some (dare I say, many?) people in "those" countries feel it's a good
>> deal.  Some people in less socialistic countries feel their deal is
> Didn't say it wasn't a good deal; just implied that you pay for it
> either way.  The folks who characterize their health care as "free" are
> usually trying to make some kind of point that doesn't take into account
> the fact that they're paying for it just like we do; they're just
> sending the check to a different building.

Socialized medicine also harnesses an economy of scale that isn't
acheivable by private insurance.  I'd rather see some services that
*I* can use than flushing my tax dollars down the toilet and into the
middle east.  But then again, I'm kind of picky that my government
should be taking care of me and my closest quarter billion neighbors
first before building all the social services inaccessable to all but
the poorest citizens here for every citizen in some country we
shouldn't have invaded in the first place.

But that's just me, I could be wrong, maybe my tax dollars really are
supposed to be spent against the taxpayer's will on some politician's
personal vendettas against defenseless foriegn countries with no
intentions of attacking us.  This isn't to say I'm against war: The
war against Afghanistan was more than justified given their Taliban
government at the time attacked us first, what happened on 9/11 was an
act of war, and we quickly won that war and should have rode that
victory out.  The latest war in Iraq was just W getting Saddam back
for unsuccessfully plotting to kill daddy with what turned out to be
toy guns (and then wonders why the locals are pissed at us) and
fearmongering for re-election.

> Some are.  More will follow.  A few will be rendered more or less
> horizontal along the way.  One hopes that number will be no higher than
> it has to be; the Iraqi people could really use their ingenuity and
> determination turned toward building a society.

And the vast majority of them are.  It didn't take more than two guys
to take out a federal building in the midwest, I can't imagine bombing
a few armored vehicles could possibly involve even that many people...
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