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Re: debian umbrella resurected

> > you should contact ikarios.com, which sells Linux/BSD stuff in
> > France.
> Perhaps you could? (Oh, you did. Good. But I fear your message without
> further explanations is a bit terse for them to know what they
> should/could do.)

I thought I'd better not do more than that, as I don't know precisely
the project... The One that leads this geeky idea should tell them how
everything will work.

> If you've read the messages of the list, you know everything there is
> to know.

It think I've read half the thread...

> But before any orders can be taken and announcements can be put out,
> we need to decide if we try to go for it at all. So there's where your
> help would be appreciated.

I know the Ikarios manager, so I'll contact him in private, and make
some noise on the LUGs I have contacts in, to gather some geeks willing
to be swirl-protected under rain. :-)

le Moine Fou
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