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Re: debian umbrella resurected

[cc:ed - not sure if you read the list]

On Wednesday 19 May 2004 13.55, Pierre THIERRY wrote:
> I would be interested by this Debian umbrella, and I think you should
> contact ikarios.com, which sells Linux/BSD stuff in France.

Perhaps you could? (Oh, you did. Good. But I fear your message without 
further explanations is a bit terse for them to know what they 
should/could do.)

> Isn't there a preview of the umbrella?

If you've read the messages of the list, you know everything there is to 

Short summary:
 - one project is to get an umbrella with one big Debian-swirl all over 
it. Problem: at least 500 need to be produced, because that's more 
complicated than the usual stuff
 - one project is a 'normal' umbrealla, with Debian logo on some 
sections. This could start immediately and price was announced.
 - a third project is to try to print the swirl over two sections 
instead of the whole umbrella, with a small gap between the two image 
parts. Negotiations with the producer are ongoing on that.

(Note: I don't do any of this. Please read the messages on the list.)

My personal opinion is that the big swirl solution would be really, 
really cool (and that I probably won't buy one if it's not the big 
swirl.) But since 500 need to be ordered, this project needs all the 
help it can get - so if you could handle France (contact ikarios again, 
stating the problem and if they'd be willing to help; contact french 
LUGs etc. etc.) this would help.

But before any orders can be taken and announcements can be put out, we 
need to decide if we try to go for it at all. So there's where your 
help would be appreciated. If there are enough people so that some 
major part of the geography is covered, chances are good that we manage 
to sell 500 of the things - and then we can start to really launch it 
(design the umbrella, get a binding offer from the producer, decide on 
how to handle payment etc. etc. etc)

-- vbi

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