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Re: debian umbrella resurected

Christian Siegert wrote:

Hi all,

@ Eddy:
>The price is about 15-17 euros/piece + the shipment costs (I didn't >thought thoroughly about how this will be done, if it will) >but the minimal pieces/order is much lower than 500 pieces (about 40 is >possible).

Just to make clear: We could produce the umbrella for 18,79 (includes VAT) with the swirl on each or every second segment (in a one or two colored version).

the price I mentioned includes also VAT and the umbrella could have a swirl spread across two panels. Please say your opinion about this (the swirl on two panels) issue!!!

The production quantity has to be a minimum of 72 pieces.

Min quantity is about 40 for my provider.

We could distribute the umbrella through LinuxLand within Europe with minimum shipping costs. Orders for larger quantities (> 20 pieces) can be handled through us.

If the list decides for a production of *one big* swirl all over the umbrella, this is only possible in a qty of 500.

I would _love_ an umbrella with a big swirl, but I'm affraid that at almost 19 euro/piece plus shipment to ro is too much for me... Anybody coming to Romania anytime soon :D ?

BTW: To brake up the swirl to print it on the segments would not solve the problem with the large qty. This is because you have to print on the mounted umbrellas for low quantities. In this case, the print on each segment is only possible as far as 2 cm to the edge of the segment.

The supplier didn't said nothing yet about the distance being so big; I proposed a max of 5mm to the edge and he didn't said that this can't be done. True, he didn't said anything about it being possible, yet...

So you can't get a connected image this way.

I wasn't aiming for a connected image, but a max of 1 cm between the two parts of the swirl.

Please say if this is ok with you all

We could start the production immediately.

I don't think we should hurry, as I still am waiting for an answer for an email I didn't sent yet :))))) to another supplier.


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