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Re: debian umbrella resurected

On Tuesday 18 May 2004 10.29, Christian Siegert wrote:
> Hi all,
> @ Eddy:
>  >The price is about 15-17 euros/piece + the shipment costs (I didn't
>  >thought thoroughly about how this will be done, if it will)
>  >but the minimal pieces/order is much lower than 500 pieces (about
>  > 40
> is >possible).
> Just to make clear: We could produce the umbrella for 18,79 (includes
> VAT) with the swirl on each or every second segment (in a one or two

That'd be €, I assume :-)

> If the list decides for a production of *one big* swirl all over the
> umbrella, this is only possible in a qty of 500.

At what price? Since the Debian swirl is unicolor, I assume 1 color. Or 
perhaps 2 colors if we want 'debian' printed on it, too.

So, we'd need to decide if we're going for it and try to get 500 orders. 
Tough, I'm sure, but IMO doable.

Then somebody to do the design, and somebody to get a binding offer, 
with pricing.

Set up an informational web page somewhere, preferably on d.o or perhaps 
d.n webspace. This is very important, I think: people who don't know 
anybody of those behind it may well decide to buy if it's clearly 
associated with Debian - perhaps even officially endorsed?

Then what? 3 months? 6 months? for collecting orders (I think something 
like if we get 300 orders after the first 2 monts, we go for it, else 
cancel the thing.) *If* we decide to do the big swirl, my offer still 
stands to handle Switzerland.

If sarge is released during the time we're collecting the orders, I see 
no problem whatsoever getting the number if we can convince the RM or 
the leader to include an ad in the press release :-) (I assume 1 or 2 € 
p.p. to be donated to Debian if it is so endorsed, of course.) Other 
possibilities: somebody has a contact at heise and manages to have them 
place note in c't or iX. Similar schemes for other tech publications. 
Again: this may be possible if the thing is officially endorsed as a 
fundraising campaign or whatever.

Just my .02€ (or CHF, actually :-)

-- vbi

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