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Re: Unhappy customer

"Martin_J Carter" <Martin.J.Carter@nottingham.ac.uk> writes:

> begin  quote  vasudeva <vasudeva@megarad.com> 2004-03-22 14:21:49:
>>I realize I must be in the minority, and that Red Hat's installer
>>*is* pretty, but I just don't see Debian's installer as the
>>egregious UI disaster some make it out to be.
> Have you ever tried to install RedHat onto a system which
> contained an overnew video card? an enriching experience
> I would unreservedly recommend, from personal experience
> (at least half a dozen rebuilds from scratch, followed by hand-
> hacking in a sufficiently clueful X), to anyone who believes
> installation must use a GUI to have street cred.  Pretty is for
> afterwards.

Don't have a mouse attached, then the setup will start in text mode
(no joke (Some salesperson (or something like that) from RedHat said,
when asking whether there is a update for redhat enterprise linux from
9.0: (translated) "Don't have a mouse attached then you will get to
the textmode installer, someone who needs a mouse to install a server
won't be able to do an upgrade anyway")


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