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Re: Re: Changes in formal naming for NetBSD porting effort(s)

[What is this doing here? Moving to -curiosa]

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 08:06:01PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> >Your proposal would change that. I oppose it, and I would oppose it just
> >the same if you wanted to call them Loki, Kali or Hitler. (To pick a few
> >at random.) Using names of evil, real or imagined, is not something
> >that would be helpful to Debian. That kind of publicity we don't need.
> FYI, Kali is not evil.  (Based on the point of view that destruction is a 
> necessary part of existence and is not necessarily evil.)  Loki is not 
> necessarily evil either....

Loki's not evil at all. Loki's chaotic - he's an *avatar* of
chaos. There are two axes on the usual alignment grid, not
one. Failure to grasp the difference between the two is a common
failing of religious types. Kali, I believe, is dead neutral.

Also, the scale is purely relative, not absolute, and it's
conventional to use an individual's own perceptions rather than your
own when describing them - otherwise it's pretty pointless. Loki is
therefore chaotic-neutral, and Hitler is lawful-good (Yes,
really. Even if you don't agree that he was right, he thought he was
doing the right thing - for more or less the same reasons that the
Christians in the Crusades thought they were doing the right
thing. Try to remember that the next time you think you're doing the
right thing; somebody disagrees).

For that matter, Satanists and Wiccans are usually lawful-neutral or
neutral-good, and often classify demons as being able to have any
alignment (note that there's a lot of variation among these
groups). That's unaffected by the acute intolerance of the various
Jewish-derived religions. Some branches of Satanism classify
Christians as *-evil; they hold that the Christians have it entirely
backwards. Most are less extreme.

[*I'm* chaotic-neutral, and I object to people equating that with
neutral-evil on general principle. I also have at least as valid an
objection to the use of names for lawful-neutral entities as the
original poster did for things he perceived as *-evil]

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