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Email Content Rejection Notice

Client: procmail v3.15.2 2001/07/18 for Solaris  newsmtp1.atmel.com

Detected attachment of type:  .EXE .VBS .ASP .RAR .SCR .BAT .PIF

ATMEL Corporation does not allow executable attachments
in emails due to possible Virus and Security Risks.

.MP3 .MPEG and .MPG are not allowed due to personal nature

NOTICE: The Klez worm spoofs the FROM: address so you will get
this notice even though you were not the real sender.  If your
computer is known to be clean of viruses, then you may disregard
this notice.   If you do not understand this, contact your
I.T. or computer support personnel! 

If you received this notice in error, and your email is
Official ATMEL Business, please resend it to abuse@atmel.com
with the word "ERROR" in the Subject.  or please call the
U.S. HelpDesk at 1-408-436-4335    Do NOT reply to this email!
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Original email was sent to: eleve.un@nto.atmel.com.SCANNED
Original email subject was: : Re: That movie

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