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Re: Mailing list headers

Shawn McMahon <smcmahon@eiv.com> wrote:
> You also appear to have a fundamental misunderstanding about
> Reply-To, and since it's been pointed out to you repeatedly and
> you haven't even acknowledged it, I can only conclude that you
> are trolling.

The same could be said of you.  Reply-To may contain >1 address, so is
suitable for indicating a cc is desired or not desired on a reply to a list
message.  However, your arbitrary distinction of the usenet term "followup"
having some special significance for email is part of the reason why
Reply-To doesn't work quite right in this scenario.

Anyway, you are also ignoring my advice to add the request to your
signature, but your sig is already looking like a candidate for the
alt.fan.warlord FAQ anyway.

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