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Re: Mailing list headers

On Don, 2003-01-23 at 13:47, MJ Ray wrote:
> Johan Zaxmy <johan.zaxmy@ida.his.se> wrote:
> >> Mail-Followup-To header directs your MUA on exactly what to do with list
> >> replies. Shawn has set it so that replies go to the list only; if you
> > How do one get that behaviour in for example Netscape 7.0 ?
> You should not.  Mail-Followup-To is one man's questionable attempt to
> replace the Reply-To header.  It is not standard.  No-one whose header is
> ignored has grounds for complaint, really, if they didn't set Reply-To.

Problem with Reply-To: headers and mailing lists is that *some* mailing
lists modify it. This was one reason that mft was created. IIRC there
were others, in connection with the meaning of Reply-To: being not
specified clearly enough.

-- vbi

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