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Re: survival skills for teenage geeks

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 20:38, Paul Baker wrote:
> You probably don't believe that a Catholic HS religion teacher could be 
> more concerned with loving the lord than any of the catholic doctrines 
> but it's true. If time hadn't wiped most things from my memory I could 
> give you enough examples to fill 10 threads. A lot of what he taught to 
> the ones willing to listen was that bible is primarily just a book (or 
> at least originally was) of short stories and poems based loosely on 
> actual events and many (such as the creation stories) are pure fiction 
> only intended to make a point. The bible is not supposed to be taken as 
> an almanac of historical events. It is a story book. We did go over a 
> lot of stories, mostly the gospel, where he gave us his interpretation 
> of the real action event that may have taken place actually was. The 
> one that really stuck in my head had to do with the story about the 
> loaves and fishes. In the bible it says that Jesus performed a miracle 
> where he magically multiplies the bread and fish to feed the whole 
> gathering of people with plenty left over. I don't think that Jesus was 
> this obvious. I think what really happened really had nothing to do at 
> all with Jesus other he was there. When the boy brought his bread and 
> fish to Jesus willing to share it with everyone, the crowd was so moved 
> that they did the same. Everyone sharing with everyone was the real 
> miracle. (hey isn't that what we are all trying to do with this open 
> source stuff afterall?) Of course this everyone sharing with everyone 
> is a miracle idea is kinda lost on most people. They would be more 
> impressed by magic tricks, so that's what was told so that people would 
> remember the stories.

That man should be the Pope.

> You really can't take anything in the bible literally. The bible was 
> passed entirely verbally for many hundreds or thousands of years before 
> it was written down. Things are bound to get changed as they are passed 
> from one generation to the next and even across languages. And of 
> course don't forget that when King James finally had pen put to ink I'm 
> sure a lot of politics went into it. It's a shame there are so many 
> Christians that take the bible so literally. And really you can pick 
> any point you want to prove and find one or more passages in the bible 
> that taken out of context will prove your point. Both sides of any 
> argument can do it. It really just comes down to who has more of the 
> bible memorized for the particular argument. Crap like this gives us 
> good sane Christians a bad name.


> One thing I also came away with from his teaching was that the 
> existence of God will never be proven. This is by God's design. Yeah I 
> know it sounds like a bullshit theory. But seriously. God gave us free 
> will. Part of that free will is deciding whether or not we want to 
> believe if she actually exists. God left it up to us to decide for 
> ourselves--he didn't leave a bunch of sloppy proof laying around to 
> make the decision easy for us. If we some day found "proof" that God 
> existed, then we would all be forced to believe in God and any other 
> stupid rules that someone wants to attach to the existence of God, such 
> as abortion or pre-marital sex or even birth-control are sins. That's 
> just stupid and God knows better. She knew that if some stupid zealot 
> could make a bunch of rules claiming they came from God and then show 
> proof on top of it that we all would be forced to believe. Good bye 
> free will and then the world would be a pretty boring place more likely 
> than not.

...thus defeating the apparent purpose of our existence. Excellent

> Well anyway I've probably given enough reason for people to hate me now 
> so I'll stop.



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