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Re: survival skills for teenage geeks


> You probably don't believe that a Catholic HS religion teacher could be 
> more concerned with loving the lord than any of the catholic doctrines 
> but it's true. If time hadn't wiped most things from my memory I could 
> give you enough examples to fill 10 threads. A lot of what he taught to 
> the ones willing to listen was that bible is primarily just a book (or 
> at least originally was) of short stories and poems based loosely on 
> actual events and many (such as the creation stories) are pure fiction 
> only intended to make a point. The bible is not supposed to be taken as 
> an almanac of historical events. It is a story book. We did go over a 

Perhaps there's some points commons with other religions ...
Like Great Water (not the time for translate here ;), Firsts Woman and Man,
Immortality and ...
Is the BigBang a sort of Genesis and BigCrunch (not in fashion theses days)
a sort of Gehenne ?
A lot of people (perhaps all of ours) needs something to believe.
There's a brain's region that make spirits vision when excited you know ?
Perharps sciences, politic, and religion are the same way for Truth ?
And kernel hacking is a very high way to illumination too ...

apt-cache search God
angband - A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation

Life is a big comic lonely abscons simulate way ...

Oh ... too late in my country, must work for eat tomorrow, no, today !
My head is burning now ! Go to bed !

David Dumortier
Quotation (mine) :
"Madness is a way of life"

PS : linux <-> $$$ or Debian <-> Hat is perharps a good deal around table,
and perharps metaphysic for computer scientists, but don't want to convert
anyone, just have fun with my boxes, and eat on my keyboard to make him

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