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Re: survival skills for teenage geeks

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 05:40:20PM +0000, John Holroyd wrote:
> Just tell your parents that you agree with Isaac Asimov: 
> Properly read the bible is the best case for Atheism ever conceived. 

Hmm...  Nah, not atheism-- I believe there's someone/thing out there,
just I don't agree with the Catholic Church or any other
church/religion that I know of.  They believe that God/Allah/Whatever
is illogical and petty, for one thing-- but, looking around at how the
universe operates, I don't think an illogical, petty, selfish being
could make up a universe that is almost totally logical, you know?
Besides, if God sees the 'Big Picture' and mainly cares about that,
then why would s/he be just as petty and silly as your nosy neighbor
across the way?  Hmm?  Besides that, I have other reasons why I
believe in some sort of god; not for superstitious reasons-- quantum
physics. :) 

But religion-wise, the youth group isn't so bad-- the guy who teaches
most of the time (he's the father of the boy who asked me what an ISP
is, incidentally) was agnostic/atheistic for a while there, so he's a
little bit more relaxed about everything.  *But* his thing is, he
truly believes what he's teaching, so...  But at this point my main
gripe against the youth group is just the fact that my parents
are *forcing* me to socialize (I hate being forced to do anything);
especially with kids (granted, they're about my age, but that's about
all we have in common) who have no clue about anything that I find even
vaguely interesting and who are interested in the most inane
things. *sigh* 

Oh, well, enough ranting.

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