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Re: gcc-3.2 transition breaks build of KDE packages

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:46:55 +0100
"IT - Sven Mueller" <sven.mueller@berndes.com> wrote:

> On Saturday 11 January 2003 21:05, criggie wrote:
> > Seriously - I have a BeOS personnal edition install which I boot
> > using a VMware session inside a Xvnc server session.  WTF for?  So
> > that the computing teacher can demonstrate non-windows OS from a NT4
> > workstation in the classroom, simply by VNCing to mymachine:1.0
> > We also demonstrate win3, linux(debian), and that shitty mac
> > emulator the same way.

> Hey, aren't you forgetting some OSes here? Most importantly:
> - - OpenStep (NextStep on i386 and other platforms)
> - - OS/2 (you know that one, don't you)
> But seriously: This is a weird setup you are talking about, but I
> surely can see the uses.

True - but this is just year 12 computing at high school.  All they
really need to know is that windows is not a computer.

Certainly an OS/2 install could be useful, but the details that geeks
like us find important are definitely far too esoteric for 15 y/os

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