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Re: gcc-3.2 transition breaks build of KDE packages

On Thursday 09 January 2003 13:33, Tim Dijkstra wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 13:03:26 +0100
> > I know that in a transition some packages will stop building. The KDE
> > case is a little bit special, KDE 2.2 will not be rebuilt, and KDE 3
> > will normally be uploaded. However we hear that KDE 3 will entered
> > Sid since nearly one year, so I can't believe it will happen one
> > day...
> They always said they were waiting for the gcc-3.2 transition, which is
> what they've been doing... Now the transition is happening, I think KDE
> 3 will sid soon. See:

Hey, that's a really nice verb you created there. Maybe we should standardize 
on this scheme, thereby getting rid of all those "progagate into/ end up in/ 
be in/ move to/ etc. a distribution" phrases. Just: "package xy will sarge 
soon" would be enough for instance. This could also contribute to our elite 
status, represented by sentences like: "I've did a lintian-clean NMU to 
DELAYED/1-day, so it should testing soon"...

Sorry, simply couldn't resist ;-)


PS: just saw this rather funny sub-thread on kfm-devel:	

> On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 11:29:09AM -0800, David Joham wrote:
 >>>Can anyone recommend a C++ GUI library for Win32, one that supports
 >>>lightweight controls?
 >>You could always use the mozilla engine and draw your lightweight controls
 >>with gecko and XUL...
 > or use a vmware mdk with wine in it running the
 > win32 bochs gui with linux running inside that,
 > then you can just use gtkmm.
 > that would be much simpler and would have less
 > overhead than using mozilla of course.

Sounds like a great idea. I'll just go dust of my old Mac and install Virtual
PC so I can run Windows 2000 to run VMWare ....

Alan Gutierrez


Yven Johannes Leist - leist@beldesign.de

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