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Re: debian-trivia

> For a friend of mine I installed potato on a 386/4MB/100MB. Had to cheat
> to do it, that is to put the hard drive in another computer as 4MB is
> not enough to install potato. And now that it is installed it can't do
> much as as soon as you log in it starts using the swap. But it does


i remember once i did something like that on a Pentium or 486 with 16MB or so, heh
and also i've installed on 485 33MHZ 16MB RAM not so cheap/old but the most i've had.

the most expensive, don't know maybe a PIV 1GH scsi hd and neat stuff, i was trying to
get me a DEC (now compaq) alpha to play with but no sucess until now :/

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