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Re: Report yourself to the BSA

On 05.01.03 Daniel Dent (ddent@ddent.net) wrote:


> > Just curious. I'm using 2.4.19 as well, due to several nasty bugs in
> > .20.
> Pray tell, say more about these .20 bugs...
> .19 had bugs which made it unusable as an NFS server :(.
If you mount an ext3 fs with the option data=journal (not the
default) all data, which were written to the HD in the last 30
seconds before unmount, are lost. Fixed in 2.4.21-pre1.

H., hopefully correct

P.S.: What about that problem with the sigs? I'm using postfix and
mutt and I never had problems verfying my own sigs. So do I have to
worry? Is that problem MUA-specific?

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