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Re: Linux on Walmart's systemless computers

Hi:  Les Vadasz, Vice President of Intel, told Hollings, flat out that his 
legislation was a disgrace, that it was impossible to accomplish what he 
wants for Hollywood, unless he's willing to sacrifice Open Source technology 
to the depths of criminal disgrace, unless he's willing to sacrifice a $600 
billion a year industry [technology industry dedicated to providing 
advancements that make consumers happy customers] in favor of Hollywood, a 
$35 billion a year industry that will remove this mailing list, your ability 
to copy photos of your family on your computer, and the list goes on.  Send a 
thank you to Les Vadasz, and Intel, for standing up to these jerks and their 
ridiculous CBDTPA law.  Visit http://www.eff.org/ for the factual 
information.  :)
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

Time to wake up!  Or, you will absolutely lose Debian!

On Saturday 13 April 2002 21:18, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> > On Sat, Apr 13, 2002 at 07:49:38PM -0400, Shawn McMahon wrote:
> > begin  Paul 'Baloo' Johnson quotation:
> > > > Does the system on which you're reading this have an Intel processor?
> > >
> > > No, but they're not the evil empire.
> >
> > At least as much as Wal-Mart is.  And, like Wal-Mart, they have a
> > quality product that a lot of people want.  In my old home town in
> > Oklahoma, they were the best grocery store in town, and the ONLY 24-hour
> > place to buy computer equipment.
> >
> > But my point wasn't that Wal-Mart is good, or that Intel is bad; my
> > point was that one shouldn't berate someone else for doing business with
> > one evil conglomerate while one is doing business with another.
> >
> > You aren't doing business with the particular example I picked, but I
> > bet I could find one pretty easily if anybody cared enough for me to
> > bother.  I won't, because the point is made without it.
> I must disagree with you drawing any parallel between Intel and
> Wal-Mart.  It's worse than comparing apples and oranges ... at least
> those are both fruit.
> Intel is an American company, selling goods designed by Americans and
> made in America.  Intel is not hurting small mom-and-pop operations
> all over the country as they sell their product.
> Wal-Mart sells Chinese crap which is cheaper in price and quality than
> goods produced elsewhere (like, here).  This causes the trade deficit
> to remain high.  When Wal-Mart moves into an area, smaller hardware,
> convenience, and grocery stores suffer.  This hurts the local economy
> in some cases as profits are removed from the area.
> If Wal-Mart goes into an area and provides services which were
> unavailable, that's good.  If Wal-Mart goes into an area which was
> already well served and destroys local competition by selling inferior
> products ... well, I don't know if I'm willing to say that's bad, but
> it's not good.  Unfortunately, if consumers are stupid enough to buy
> the cute Paul Harvey ads and not worry about whether they are getting
> the same quality, Wal-Mart wins.
> This is off-topic and should probably be taken up on debian-curiosa or
> some other list.
> Cheers,

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