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Re: depressed webserver

Thus spake Marco Mililotti:
> Yeah, and it isn't the only site "hosting" Marvin, the paranoid android 
> of Douglas Adams. Take a look also at:
> http://www.scintilla.utwente.nl/asdfhjkl
> (same words, I think)

Speaking of Douglas Adams, I thought I'd just insert a friendly reminder
that the second annual Towel Day (in rememberance of Douglas Adams) will
be on May 25th.  All hoopy froods are encouraged to carry their towel
with them wherever they go on Towel Day, and send in pictures to share
with everyone else. See http://www.systemtoolbox.com/towelday/ for more
information, and pictures from last year.  (The page should be updated
soon to reflect more current information.)


Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

Fame: an embalmer trembling with stage fright. - H. L. Mencken

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