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Re: this idea wont get out of my mind...

>>>>> "vdongen" == vdongen  <vdongen@hetisw.nl> writes:

>>  b) Create a network of theese sites/companies/persons, charge them a
>> small fee that would go to keeping the network running (hosting,
>> administration, salaries?) and donate the rest to Debian

vdongen> uh....wait.....debian is free.....truly free....

But Debian still needs money, e.g. for their servers, bandwidth, etc.

vdongen> Choice is the keyword, I really don't want others to decide
vdongen> what programs I need to run, there is a redmond based company
vdongen> that already does that....un-experienced users can stick to the
vdongen> most known programs....and everyone else can use the program of
vdongen> their choice...

If someone offers a custom distribution, you're still free to chose not
to use that distribution.  And unexperienced users may not know what the
most known programs are.  (e.g. what's the most known ICQ client?  If
you're new to Linux, would you even know about things like Gnome and
KDE?  Which of the two would you use?)  And the most known programs are
not necessarily the best for unexperienced users.  (e.g. the most known
editors are vi and emacs, whereas for a new user, I would recommend
something simpler like gnotepad.)

As well, custom distributions are free to include all the packages, but
just install a different set of them by default.

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