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Re: this idea wont get out of my mind...

On Wednesday, 10. April 2002 12:00, vdongen wrote:
> > I think that this could really lead to "world domination"!...
> Do we really want that?

"World domination" actually is a very dangerous word to use at that point. 
The idea, though, seems great to me!

> > b) Create a network of theese sites/companies/persons, charge them a
> > small
> > fee that would go to keeping the network running (hosting,
> > administration,
> > salaries?) and donate the rest to Debian
> uh....wait.....debian is free.....truly free....

It is not debian that would be sold here, but infrastructure for 
people/organizations that need more that just the plain software.

> > c) possibly create custom distributions for hosting-services,
> > offices, etc [1]
> Do we really need more then a complete distribution? I don't see the
> point of making a "server","workstation" or "corporate" distribution,
> let the redhat guys do that....but not us.....

There is one big pool of "complete" Debian, as we have it now. Why not offer 
selections of subsets for people who  don't want to do all the decisions on 
their own?

> Choice is the keyword, I really don't want others to decide what
> programs I need to run, there is a redmond based company that already
> does that....un-experienced users can stick to the most known
> programs....and everyone else can use the program of their choice...

Those who want complete control, can just use the "complete" distribution. 
The others still have the choice which "subset" to use, and anybody who fears 
a monopoly coming up may just offer his own subset as an alternative.

The keyword I'd prefer is "freedom to choose" instead of "necessity to 
decide". Most people judge a distribution not be the possibilities it offers, 
but by the defaults they see before they really know what they want.

The main problem of Debian is that is created by geeks who are not willing to 
accept that it is the huge group of non-geeks that allowed Microsoft to build 
up a monopoly. Trying to break that monopoly? Then work on winning the 

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