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this idea wont get out of my mind...


I got this idea some time ago, and I just can't get it out of my mind.

I think that this could really lead to "world domination"!...

DSPN - Debian Service Providers Network

Ok, the idea is to:

a) collect and distribute information of parties offering computer services related to debian (like custom programming, webhosting, custom hardware, consulting, etc)

b) Create a network of theese sites/companies/persons, charge them a small fee that would go to keeping the network running (hosting, administration, salaries?) and donate the rest to Debian

c) possibly create custom distributions for hosting-services, offices, etc [1]

d) see how debian conquers the world!

Ok, youu say, why don't start doing it then? Because I don't have the time to put this project on (at least not alone!)

regards, tomas

[1] this would also adress some of, as I see it, debians greatest problems; too many packages and community support. (I really think that it is good that there exists X nbr of ftp-programs, but as an non-developer/unexperienced user to linux/debian I don't want to make that choice. I also think that the support given at the mailing-lists is great, but again as a non-developer/unexperienced user I wouldn't post to them)

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