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Re: Unidentified subject!

> Btw:
> Mozilla/Netscape 6.2 on new machines is neither slow nor buggy.
  Just try it in my Pentium 100, 32MB RAM.

  I do not like using proprietary software. But the truth is that we have no
open-source equivalent of Opera. Put it simply, Opera rendering is 3~4 times
faster than any other browser. Opera takes 15 seconds to start in my
venerable machine and eat only ~25% of the memory. It is very smart ("A script 
is trying to read the password you typed. Do you want to allow the script read 
the password?"). It have keyboard shortcuts to everything (I said
*everything*), you don't even need to touch the mouse. But maybe you
would like to try the "mouse shortcuts" (mouse gestures), they're a very neat
feature. If Xserver crash or if someone turns off your computer (my Opera never
crashed), it remembers where you were. Finally, Opera have better conformance 
to W3C standarts (especially HTML 4 and CSS 2) than Netscape or Konqueror (I 
don't know about Galleon, haven't tried it).

  I would love if someone made a open source browser as good as Opera,
but there is none.

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