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Re: spam and debian-curiosa [ot]

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 01:30:07AM -0600, John Laur wrote:
> I do find it odd how Sylpheed highlights the X-Mailer header in
> messages, though ... puts it right up there with the subject and date. I
> guess it's so people can easily complain about other peoples personal
> choices. 

Personally, I have it up there with mutt, so that I can tell what
people are usign when they send me mail. I need ot know this because I
have a rough idea of which mailers work with OpenPGP and which don't
(a clue: a certain popular product bundled with a certain operating
system diplays OpenPGP-compliant messages as attachments). 

Since I send a rather large proportion of my email (about 40-45%) to
less computer literate people using that product, I prefer to not sign
those messages, as then they are more likely to be read and less
likely to be complained about.

One of these days I'll get round to writing a mutt rule that
automatically works out if it's Outlook Express I'm sending to, and
will sign the message using old-style PGP instead.

I wonder - will Outlook have the same problem?

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