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Re: flying fish on my screen?

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 09:23:48PM -0800, Conrad Heiney 
 <conrad@fringehead.org> was rumoured to have said:

> So, a couple of times now I've been staring into the depths of my screen and a fish has flown across it.
> I know the fish. It's the Gnome Fish from the applet of the same name.
> But this time, he or she is swimming once gracefully across my screen from left to right. The second time (today), I clicked at it as it swam by, to no effect.
> Is this an easter egg in the fish applet (which I don't run), in Gnome, in Sawfish, or perhaps most alarmingly in my HEAD?

As Adam pointed out it's a panel easter egg (in fact there was a
thread on debian-user very recently about it). If you want to know how
it's triggered (randomly, basically), it's in panel/main.c in the
gnome-core source (search for "evilness").

BTW, has anyone turned the relevant code into something stand-alone
that produces the same effect? It's kind of cute :) I'd tried some
time ago but it seems I need to learn a bit more about gdk-pixbuf,
it coredumped somewhere in the window rendering calls. Maybe it's
just hesitant to leave its natural habitat :)



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